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                  Longxin Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. is locating in Ningbo, a prosperous coastal city in
              east of China , in the national petrochemical industry base, the only chemical industry
              zone in Ningbo city. Longxin is a fine chemical enterprise with high performancesolvent
              dyes as our leading products. The plant enjoys excellent location and
              convenient transportation, include Hangzhou Bay Bridge in the north and airport,
              freeways in the south, in deed, Ningbo city owns a world-class deep water port.
              Longxin is willing to serve all domestic and international industries of Engineering
              Plastics,Polyester Spinning, Nylon Spinning and other Master Batch demands with our
              high quality products and service, to seek mutual development.

                  Certification of IS09001 AND ISO14001
              National-awarded high-tech enterprise
              Provincial-awarded high-tech R&D center
              Foreign invested advanced technology enterprise of Ningbo
              Advanced manufacturing enterprise of Ningbo